Sewage treatment plant with mbbr technology: main advantages

B&P Water Technologies is a leading company in the market of sewage treatment plant with mbbr technology, taking advantage of up-to-date technologies and highly professional staff.

Saving water is a necessary step in the direction of sustainability, but developing new technologies that are simple and effective is also a key process to reduce the impact of human activities.

Compared to the previous methods for the remediation of contaminated waters, the sewage treatment plant with mbbr technology means a significant improvement in industrial areas, in terms of:

  • - cost savings;
  • - stability and reliability;
  • - easiness of installing and use;
  • - low maintenance needed;
  • - high efficiency of the plant.

The moving bed biofilm reactor technology allows the degradation of organic matter from the sewage water; by means of diffusers collocated at the bottom of the reaction tank, the media where the biomass is attached is floating in the air, in a continuous movement. At the end of the process, the treated water is completely disinfected in a natural way.

The sewage treatment plant is built inside a container (“containerised”), making exporting and shipping easier. Mounted and tested before delivery, it is able to carry out its tasks effectively: for example, it reduces the content of Escherichia coli to less than 100 CFU, of COD below 100 ppm and of total N to less than 15 ppm.

Further, it is worth mentioning that the sewage treatment plant with mbbr technology by B&P Water Technologies are certified ISO 9001: quality and reliability are truly important when it comes to products that are meant to improve the quality of our environment.

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