Reverse osmosis desalinisation plants powered by photovoltaic panels

Reverse osmosis desalinisation plants can be powered by photovoltaics panels. B&P Water Technologies provides desalinisations plants powered by solar panel. These plants are designed to solve this problem: water scarcity in some planet’s areas. Solar panel seawater reverse osmosis plants provide potable water for domestic uses, sweet water for irrigation and water for development and industrial activities.

B&P Water Technologies proposes packaged seawater desalination units fed by solar energy. The packages can produce up to 4.000.000 of liters of potable water per day. Reverse osmosis is a desalination plant, based on membrane process, for the production of high quality potable water starting  from seawater 
Desalinisation by solar energy (reverse osmosis) increases the efficiency and reduces the operational costs, and actually represents the best solutions to provide sweet at a sustainable cost. B&P Water Technologies is able to design desalination units powered by photovoltaic panels
The fresh water produced by the desalinisation plant can produce drinking water for the local population and for agriculture. 

Reverse osmosis desalinisation plant 

Seawater passed through many filters, high-pressure pumps and spiral wound membranes to have a fresh, potable water without impurities.
Desalinisation fed by solar energy is a strategic solution for the future. Why? 
  • - About 97.5% of Earth’s water is salty
  • - about 90% of the remaining fresh water is actually in Antartic.
B&P Water Technologies produces low-cost and environmentally friendly desalinisations plant. These plants can be used in those countries where the water scarcity is very strong, like Chile, and in developing countries such as Morocco, Tunisia, Lybia and Western Africa. Solar panel seawater reverse osmosis plant can support improvement of the growing economy. 

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