Solar panel seawater desalination Reverse Osmosis plant manufacturer

B&P Water Technologies is a solar panel seawater desalination reverse osmosis plant manufacturer. The lack of water for civil and industrial use causes particularly serious effects. Reverse osmosis is a well-known method to desalinate and treat the water, seawater desalination plants fed by solar panel are eco-friendly and environmentally friendly. 

The process does not get to emit any CO2 because it’s powered exclusively by photovoltaic solar panels. 
Water demand will increase by 55%, according to the last estimations, but the available quantity does not change and the only option to increase the availability of fresh water beyond the hydrogeological cycle is the desalination of seawater.

B&P Water Technologies promotes “clean” desalination fed by solar energy

A solar powered seawater desalinisation plant will be fed by photovoltaic panels, ESS and Diesel Generator. The system works in ten/twelve hours of solar irradiation, the Diesel Generator will work as back up when the solar radiation is not sufficient to run the plant.

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