Desalination, a solution against water scarcity Subtitle: The big power of little portable water desalination units

Still a huge part of the world's population has no or little access to fresh water. But the  developing technologies offered nowadays have the potential to solve part of these problems! Desalination systems actually play a vital role in the everyday life and B&P Water Technologies is an expert in the field.

Desalinated water ca be used not just to convert saline water into drinking water in big buildings and factories,  but can also be used in loco through the use of small, mobile and portable devices. These systems do not need any external source of electrical power since they are powered by solar energy.
The peculiarity of the portable water desalination unit is the fact that it works with the process of reverse osmosis. This means that the particles move in the opposite direction compared to what they do in natural conditions. The artificial process forces seawater into permeable membranes in order to separate water from ions, unwanted molecules and larger particles.
These astute devices have the characteristic of being compact and designed to fit in confined spaces. Specific and efficient desalination unit can be an huge step in overcoming water scarcity and in emergency situations.

That's why B&P is working everyday to improve its technology.
Check our website and find out more about desalination processes and systems! Learning how to use them is very simple, but the advantages and benefits are enormous.

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