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Italian company B & P Water Technologies is a reverse osmosis plants supplier and provides everything needed to meet water treatment requirements, including RO plants, desalination plants and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

If your water treatment plant needs are not being met in full, you'll find the skilled and experienced team at B & P Water Technologies can design and supply the water plant solutions to your problems in the quickest possible turnaround times.

- on skid mounts
- or in shipping container units.

Our complete range of seawater and brackish water RO desalination units are fully assembled and tested prior to being shipped to customers. That way, we can ensure there will be no problems and our customers don't have to worry about assembling the plant or any electrical or pipework requirements.
We are experts in a complete range of water treatment plant, including 
- oily water treatments,
- industrial wastewater treatment
- and vacuum sewage systems.

We also supply plant for shipyards and marinas, as well as filtration and softening solutions, and chemical dosing packages and containerized membrane bioreactors.

All our water treatment products are engineered using the most modern methods. We can provide the most energy-efficient solutions to meet the needs of eco-conscious customers.
You will find more information on our website. If you're looking for a professional engineering company to supply your complete water treatment needs, contact B & P Water Technologies to discuss your requirements in detail. 
We design and supply water treatment plants and potabalization plants to meet the specific needs of our global clients and our sales team will be happy to talk through your needs and advise of the solutions we provide. 

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