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In industry, chemicals are often used to optimize the quality of gas, oil and water. As Chemical Injection Package manufacturer, B & P Watertech supply stable and high quality dosing systems, used to add the chemicals with other fluids or to mix both elements. The transfer of the chemicals from the storage tank to the injection point is performed with proper chemical injection pumps. Flow rate, pressure, level and other relevant parameters can be monitored with dedicated equipment.

A package has a framework of either stainless steel or carbon steel. It has a drip pan which collects any spillage or leak of the waste product.  

There are a number of other components, such as
- pressure gauges,
- level transmitters,
- switches,
- local control panel,
- pumps,
- calibration cylinders.

chemical injection package

It is important that the package is as efficient as possible and the dosage of the specific chemical is correct. The device needs to have the highest efficiency possible for both safety and cost effectiveness. There also needs to be the correct chemical resistance, that means that chemicals are not in contact or mixed with substances they are not compatible with.

After a consultation with the customer, the first step consists in designing the structure in 3D CAD software; after that, the manufacture of each component is carried out. Then the system is tested to ensure it works perfectly in any environment and eventually it is shipped and delivered to the client.

Sometimes the Chemical Injection Package is needed for hazardous areas and this is why specialists like whose working in B & P Water Technology are especially required.  

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