High quality industrial wastewater treatment plants

At B&P Water Technologies we design and manufacture a range of quality skid-mounted packaged chemical-physical plants. These superior packages are designed to treat residual wastewater which contains unwanted compounds which can consist of:

  • non-biodegradable pollutants
  • organic substances
  • inert mineral substances
  • mineral oil
  • paints
  • solvents
  • detergents
  • residual suspended solids

Our chemical physical plants are designed and customized to fit the exact needings of the customer. The wastewater treatment process can involve several treatment sections, like, for example, oil and hydrocarbon removal, chemical conditioning with coagulants, defoamers, polymers, sludge sedimentation and separation.

We have a growing worldwide reputation as an engineering company in the design and supply of a wide range of wastewater treatment for major industries. Designing, manufacturing and supplying everything from sea water reserve, osmosis plants, water softening units to civil waterways treatment plants and water analysis cabinets is what we do best. 

Check out what we have to offer regarding:
  • sea water package desalination systems
  • brackish water reserve
  • oil removal and recovery
  • bilge water treatment plants
  • chemical dosing packages

We have been awarded many water technology projects by high profile companies around the world. B&P Water Technologies have undertaken the supply of containerised desalination units for offshore accommodation barges in Angola and state-of-the-art Careenage water treatment plants in Croatia, to name but a few of our successes.

If you want to know more about our industrial wastewater treatment solutions for your business, kindly give us a call, email or write.  

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