About our packaged sewage treatment plants

Customers searching for a package sewage treatment plant manufacturers with expertise across all types of water treatment plant production, should contact B & P Water Technologies.

The package sewage treatment plants provided by B & P Water Technologies are ideally suited for use by small communities, site camps or single users. These packaged sewage treatment plants are available in different configurations and technologies (sludge process with extended aeration, MBBR or Moving Bed Bioreactor and MBR or membrane bioreactors).

These sewage treatment plant units have a compact design and can be fitted in parallel designs of two or more units, giving the abilities to treat larger amounts of sewage wastewaters.The units are pre-engineered at the B & P Water Technologies site in Italy and delivered pre-assembled to cut installation costs for customers.

Customers needing zero discharge abilities so water can be re-used will appreciate the benefits offered by the MBR technologies, opposed to standard sedimentation fitments inside containers, this should be fully specified at the time of order. Activated sludge treatment for sewage involves the oxidization of waste water with air and sludge recycling. The waste is oxidized via air injection and sludge is then separated in the sedimentation chamber which collects clarified water within the chlorination unit and keeps all sludge separate.

All sewage treatment plant units from B & P Water Technologies are manufactured from industrial grade carbon steel and painted. This style of submerged aeration system for sewage treatment has a long life, so your sewage treatment needs are guaranteed to be met for the foreseeable future.

Contact B & P Water Technologies manufacturer to learn more about the variety of water treatment plant offered.

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