Reverse Osmosis plants for brackish water can be supplied on request

B&P Water Technologies are specialists in the desalination industry and also design and supply facilities such as Reverse Osmosis plants for brackish water. 

These plants are designed to treat ground water and well water with a maximum salinity of 10000 ppm and can have a capacity up to  6000m3/day. To reduce energy requirement costs, our plants can be supplied with energy recovery systems. We take care of any specific requests by the end user with regards to the quality of the water produced by our reverse osmosis units.

Though the standard configuration of our reverse osmosis plants for treating brackish water are skid mounted, we also supply the option of containerized desalination units. The package includes removal of undesirable elements from the ground water, make the water suitable for irrigation, and even make it potable.
The salinity of the water can be reduced suitably for industrial uses such as for boilers or cooling towers.
The base unit is composed of
- a filtration section,
- a disinfection system
- and a reverse osmosis unit.

brackish water osmosis plant

Additional packages include removal of iron and manganese, pH conditioning and softening systems. Pumping stations and storage tanks can be added to the plant as and when required by the client or to achieve the desired target. Each component of reverse osmosis plant for brackish water is manufactured with a careful selection of materials to maximize the life of the plant while the level of automation minimizes the operation by the end user.
With the CEDI unit (Continuous Electrodeionization) as part of the package, you can also get ultrapure and demineralized water. The design of each reverse osmosis desalination unit is optimized to ensure enhanced production rate. Apart from the high quality and compact design, we focus on specific requirements of the end users.

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