We manufacture RO skid and desalination plants to produce drinking water

Our Company manufactures a wide range of products to meet individual requirements in the field of water treatment, such as water purification, RO skid design, industrial water supply, waste removal, oil recovery.

The B & P Water Technologies "Turnkey" Solution

The company focus is on "packaged" solutions which are designed to customers detailed specifications. The products are assembled and then undergo rigorous testing in the controlled factory environment before being shipped. This produces a total turnkey product with minimal requirements for installation, such as
- complex pipework
- or electrical components,
once the plant arrives on site.

The Reverse Osmosis (RO) process removes particles or contaminants from water by using a semi-permeable membrane. The water is pushed through the membrane at high pressure to remove impurities. One valuable application of the technology is in the desalination of sea water in which the reverse osmosis removes the salt. 
B & P uses this technology in desalination plants to provide water for drinking and irrigation where fresh water is not readily available.
ro skid plant
Manufacturing the equipment to meet the customer's detailed needs, the RO unit is built onto a "skid" - a rigid framework to hold the equipment in place. The skid allows for easy transportation and protects the equipment from damage. 
It also allows for a precise placement of all the elements - filtration, pumping equipment, electrical controls, membrane and chemicals - so the plant can be fully operational soon after arriving on site.The system is fully automatic for ease of operation and can also incorporate the latest energy recovery systems to minimise energy consumption.
Our customised plants are designed to require minimum routine maintenance and incorporate materials such as duplex stainless steal and atoxic PVC to guarantee a long product lifetime.
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