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B&P Water Technologies excel in manufacturing a complete range of skid-mounted or reverse osmosis desalination plants. The containerised and skid-mounted Seawater desalination unit is assembled and fully tested at our facility before being delivered. 
The complete seawater desalination plant doesn't require any:

  • on-site system assembly
  • pipe work
  • electrical wiring
  • mounting of components.
The container also serves as a shipping container. There's no need for wood crafting or having to rent sea containers for transportation purposes. Our quality containers are designed for indoor or outdoor permanent, or even mobile installations.

seawater desalination unit in a container
Container with the desalination unit

Seawater reserve osmosis systems include filtration, membranes, electrical controls, pumping equipment, chemical feed and controlled components. When it comes to managing a desalination plant, energy consumption can be a big issue. All of our reverse osmosis plants are fully equipped with the latest energy recovery systems.

Our seawater reverse osmosis desalination units are designed to produce drinking water from sea water. All the materials we use in the manufacturing process are specifically selected to guarantee the longest lifetime possible as well as to minimise routine maintenance. Check out a number of standard features included in a B&P Water Technologies pre-engineered seawater osmosis unit:
  • seawater feed pump
  • high pressure pump in Duplex stainless steel
  • dual media filter/filters
  • 8" FRP membrane housing 1000psi
  • PVC low pressure piping
  • energy recovery device (turbocharger)
  • PLC control
  • chemical cleaning system
  • 5 micron cartridge filter/filters
  • high pressure pump controlled by VFD
  • permeate remineralisation
  • heavy duty steel frame
  • Duplex stainless steel high pressure piping

Give us a call if you want to know more about pre-engineered seawater reverse osmosis units.  

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