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With ongoing changes in European legislation we understand that dealing with wastewater by products of industrial and commercial activities, can be feel like a real uphill battle.
Minimising production of wastewater and recycling in the developed world has become a recent trend but we realise that many industries still remain dependent on the processes that produce wastewater.

B&P Water Technologies, among other wastewater treatment companies in Europe, has developed various packages which are designed to treat the residual water containing compounds as non-biodegradable pollutants, inert mineral substances, organic substances, mineral oil, paints, solvents, residual suspended solids and detergents.
Cleaning of industrial wastewater is indeed a fundamental operation: all the listed substances are treated in full compliance with environmental regulations, because even in medium-low flows the concentration of contaminants could be very high in the production processes. The sources of wastewater are several, including iron and steel industry, food industry, complex organic chemicals industry, pulp and paper industry, mines and so on. 

The solid background and know-how in the field of water treatment gained over the years make B&P Water Technologies one of the best Wastewater treatment companies in Europe. We can offer tailor made solutions to suit all of your waste product needs, regardless the industrial field. If you'd like to know more or would like further information then why not give our team a call on +390689021644 or click on the map to find one of our agents in our Worldwide network.

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