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B & P Water Technologies is an engineering company specialized in designing, manufacturing and delivering a wide range of water treatment and drinking water plants, such as:

- Reverse osmosis desalination plants for seawater
- Osmosis plants for brackish water and sweets
- Equipment for water softening
- Chemical dosing systems
- Waste removal and oil recovery
- Sewage treatment plants for wastewater
- Sewage treatment plants for industrial waste
- Systems analysis in water line
- MBBR plants

Specific systems for marinas and docks:

- Bilge water treatment plants
- Water treatment plant dock
- Equipment for vacuum sewage suction

Our attention is focused primarily on plant type "package", fully assembled and tested at our production unit before shipment in order to guarantee our customers a real service "turnkey". Our long experience with EPC contractors allows us to work according to the most demanding specifications required by the engineering company in the international arena.

Our entire plant is made to order, based on the real needs of our customers. Our extensive experience in water allows us to identify the best solution to every problem. Like other seawater desalination companies, Bpwatertech is certified ISO 9001.

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