Advantages of Mbbr technology: The Sewage treatment plant with Moving bed biofilm reactor

A sewage treatment plant with mbbr technology involves advanced techniques in biological treatment operation, to preserve water by means of moving bed bioreactors.

Wastewater could be seen as an unavoidable problem to deal with, or as a potential resource. Those who choose this second option do know that some treatments are needed if this water is to be used again, whatever the purpose is. They can include:

  • removal of oil and/or grease;
  • abatement of BOD and COD (biological and chemical oxygen demand);
  • removal of pesticides, colorants, minerals;
  • denitrification;
  • suspended solids filtering.

Advantages of the mbbr technology

Compared to the other common methods in wastewater treatment to remove biodegradable organic materials, a MBBR plant has several advantages, including:
  • it allows higher biomass concentrations;
  • it avoids long sludge settling periods;
  • it allows aerobic and anoxic microorganisms in biofilms;
  • it avoids problem of clogging and maintenance;
  • possibility of upgrading the plant.

The mbbr technology sewage treatment plant is operational even at high levels of MLSS (mixed liquor suspended solids) and, in comparison to a conventional system, the plant of B&P Water Technologies requires less volume to carry out its task.

Eventually, this technology does not require an extra disinfection of the effluent after the treatment and most of all, it has proven to be effective for a long time in improve significantly the quality of wastewater.

How efficient is a MBBR technology plant?

The efficiency depends on a number of variables, like the organic loading, the filling percent of the biofilm carriers inserted in the reaction tank, the carriers surface area and other elements.

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