Trailer mounted reverse osmosis unit

With B&P Water Technologies and its trailer mounted reverse osmosis unit, water desalination becomes easier at every location and whenever required.

The principle behind reverse osmosis is simple: forcing a solution through a semipermeable membrane allowing only water to pass will result in purified water on one side of the membrane and a highly concentrated solution on the other side.

B&P Water Technologies offers a mobile solution for the removal of salts from water: a trailer mounted reverse osmosis unit designed to be movable, flexible, effective and efficient for a long time.

Available models include a diesel generator (with trustworthy engines by Perkins and Kohler Lombardini manufacturers), a pratical PLC system and a trailer with service brake, with indipendent suspension (including absorbers). The Total Dissolved Solids Values range from 25000 to 36000 PPM in the single axis unit, while in the double axis model the TDS value max 50000 ppm.
As option, solar power system can be provided to feed the plant.

The range of use includes:

  • water salinity reduction
  • brackish water treatment and seawater treatment
  • water purification for industrial use.

A certified company like B&P Water Technologies is surely trustworthy: such plants must be designed for long term use and sudden failures or continuous problems are not an option. That is why we fully test our trailer mounted reverse osmosis unit and all the other tools you can find in our catalogue.

Whether you need water softening or filtering, whether you have to remove oil from water or desalinate it with a trailer mounted reverse osmosis unit, B&P Water Technologies should be the answer you were looking for.
trailer mounted purification unit

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