Water purification unit with trailer included

For a reverse osmosis water purification unit (trailer mounted), the first brand to consider is B&P Water Technologies, given its experience in the field and most of all the quality and the efficiency of its plants.

Water can be not suitable for drinking purposes for several reasons. They include:

  • high amounts of nitrates;
  • presence of toxic compounds and/or heavy metals;
  • excess of salts dissolved;
  • organic pollution;
  • high content of undesired bacteria.

The water purification unit (trailer mounted) manufactured by B&P Water Technologies can efficiently output purified water from rivers, ponds, streams, canals, lakes and other sources of water. Depending on the model, it is possibile to treat either brackish surface water or seawater, thanks to the reverse osmosis membranes.

The mobile unit can be used in case of emergency, temporary water or long term water purification needs (especially in remote locations), because of:
  • the ease of transportation;
  • the inertia brake system (mechanical brake);
  • the light weight

As option, solar power system can be provided to feed the plant, guaranteeing the potable water production in those areas where the fuel is not available.
trailer mounted purification system

Whatever the size or the agent making the water unsuitable for your requirements, B&P Water Technologies knows the technique to remove it or reduce its amount to the necessary level.

When mobility and practicality are requested, then a water purification unit trailer mounted is the best available solution: a plant that is easy to handle and that can last for a long time without extra maintenance, thanks to high quality materials.

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