Chemical dosing systems for petrochemical applications

B&P Water Technologies designs and manufactures chemical dosing system for petrochemical applications, for water treatment purposes (boiler conditioning, process waters, waste waters). Our chemical dosing systems are totally customized to fit customer's requirements and to ensure the maximum efficiency in chemical dosing required by the process for the specific application.
All our chemical dosing systems, prior to construction, are engineered on CAD and submitted for the approval of our customers. Design is focused on arrangement optimization, on accessibility and easy maintenance.
All our chemical dosing systems are functionally tested prior to delivery.
B&P Water Technologies is able to provide any kind of technical document and certificate in compliance with most known international standards to satisfy the requirements of EPC contracting Companies or Engineering Firms.
When required by client's specification, we can supply packages suitable for installation in hazardous areas.

B&P Water Technologies srl is also specialized in the design and supply of the following products:
- Demineralization systems based on Reverse Osmosis and EDI

- Seawater desalination units for industrial water and potable water production
- Oily waters separation technologies
- Industrial wastewater treatment plants
- Civil wastewater treatment plants

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