Industrial water treatments

B & P Water Technologies is a company specialized in designing and suppling of industrial water treatment systems for both primary water (purification, softening, carbon filtration, sand filtration, removal of arsenic, demineralization reverse osmosis) and for waste water containing any type of pollutant (organic systems or with total oxidation process to MBR membranes, installations for the treatment of waters containing compounds hardly biodegradable, high COD content and of metals, removal of oil plants based on the technology of coaelescenti plans).
- Oily water treatments (first rain plants, oil separators for coalescing plans)
- Biological Purification Systems for Total Oxidation
- Water Chemical Physical
In view of the increasing demand of civil and residential market, in addition to the plant made to order for large companies, B & PWater Technologies has developed a complete range of products for water treatment, aimed primarily at individual consumers and small industries, integrating in its production range a wide range of standard products for domestic and residential use. Fall into this category the following products:
Sand filters, iron removal filters and carbon filters, softeners cabs and double-body, self-cleaning filters, UV sterilizers, Chemicals.
Specializations in addition to the industrial water treatment
B & P Water Technologies., in addition to the industrial water treatment, also has a long experience in the field of reverse osmosis desalination to produce drinking water starting from sea water and the most advanced technologies for the treatment of wastewater in shipyards and marinas, such as: Desalination of Sea water, wastewater treatment Systems, Fairings suction wastewater vacuum, pumping systems and bilge water treatment

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