Reverse Osmosis equipment and desalination

B & P Water Technologies has developed a wide range of reverse osmosis equipment with a production capacity of desalinated water ranging from 560 liters / day to 37,500 liters / day. Our systems, supplied fully assembled and wired, to ensure a very simple installation.

What is Reverse Osmosis?
Reverse osmosis is a technology asserted in the past 10 years and now considered by far the most effective for water filtration procedure. He manages to retain 90 to 99.9% of the substances dissolved in water (see table below). Indeed it's commonly used in hospitals (for medical devices for hemodialysis, etc.), food companies, laboratories, etc.

How does it work?
Osmosis is a very common natural phenomenon in the underlying mechanisms that regulate the metabolism of cells having different types of membranes: the outer contains the whole cell, which contains itself the nuclear genes, the membrane covering, etc. Each mitochondria has features that allow you to select items that can go through this way regulate the activity of internal cell.

A type we are particularly interested in is a semi-permeable membrane, those characteristic is to push the water retaining most of the substances dissolved in itself. This quality generates the phenomenon of osmosis.

Standard osmosis

Imagine two liquids with different concentrations of salt, water separated by one semipermeabile. The membrane with less concentrated solution tends to pass through the membrane and make the liquid more concentrated until this trend will be counteracted by dilution of the solution and the pressure difference due to the transfer of water. The value of this difference is defined the "osmotic pressure" of this system.
To reverse this process (RO - Reverse Osmosis) is sufficient to apply a pressure to the more concentrated liquid to ensure that the water is forced through the membrane in the opposite direction losing most of the elements dissolved in itself, as shown in the following table:

Element Percentage Element Percentage
Ammonium 80-90%Cadmium93-97%

The treated water is healthy, light, comparable to an excellent mineral water, safe also for the bacteria. Indeed, osmotic membrane are able to retain particles with dimensions greater than .005 microns (one micron corresponds to a thousandth of millimeter).
Thus It is possibile to eliminate 99.99% of bacteria and 98,00% of virus. We are able to supply components for bulk osmosis facilities as containers and membranes.

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