Wastewater treatment plant process

B&P Water Technologies is an engineering company specialized in supplying wastewater treatment plant process.
The company can provide a wide range of water purification plants such as:
- Domestic wastewater purification plants
- Industrial wastewater purification plants
- Oil removal and recovery plants
- Chemical dosing plants

The wastewater treatment plant process is based on prolonged aeration technology (total oxidation) or the innovative membrane technology (MBR).
The industrial wastewater treatment plant process is mainly based on the chemical-physical treatment and they are designed and custom-made according to the customer´s needs.
Each purification plant, whether for industrial or domestic wastewater, can be equipped with the proper dosing station for the chemical conditioning of wastewater in order to optimize the purification process.
Our company provides a wide range of chemical products to satisfy all market needs. As concerns the removal of oil and hydrocarbon, the company is able to design and provide continuous stormwater treatment plants or harvesting tanks to conform car parks, industrial areas or workshop areas with the regulations in force.
The industrial oil removal and recovery plants are based on coalescing plant technology, which can remove more than 95% of non-emulsifying oil and hydrocarbon.
Furthermore, the company specializes in wastewater purification plants for shipyards and yacht harbors such as:

- Bilge water treatment plants
- Careenage Water treatments plants (for shipyards and marinas)
- Vacuum sewage systems

We mainly focus our attention on the "package" type of water plants that can be fully assembled and tested in our factory before being shipped in order to guarantee our customers a "turnkey" job.
Our experience with EPC Contracting Companies gave us the attitude and capability to satisfy the most demanding requirements of international engineering companies.
All of our plants are made to order in accordance with the real needs of our customers. Our experience in the water treatment industry allows us to identify the most suitable solution for each problem. Our company is ISO 9001 certified.

Wastewater treatment plant process
B&P Water Technologies srl is also specialized in designing and providing "turnkey" plants for the treatment and purification plants of primary water such as:
- Sea water reverse osmosis desalination plants
- Brackish water reverse osmosis plants
- Water filtration and softening units

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