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B&P Water Technologies is an engineering company with a deep experience in the field of the design and manufacturing of desalination plants based on the reverse osmosis process for the following applications: Industrial - demineralization - dialysis - ultrapure water (in association with EDI) - cooling water circuits - removal of nitrates and chlorides - wastewater re-use (zero discharge), properly pre-treated Civil - potabilization of seawater - potabilization of brackish water (wells, lakes, rivers) - irrigation - emergency units for production of potable water in areas hit by naturals disasters (earthquakes, floods, etc)

Our desalination plants can be supplied in standard configuration as "skid-mounted", or housed in containers or vehicles, or for mobile installations in harsh environments for outdoor installations in areas subject to high temperatures or in aggressive environments, or as emergency facilities in areas affected by natural disasters).

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- brackish water desalination units
- seawater desalination units


Our company is also specialized in designing and supplying a wide range of plants for the treatment of primary water and wastewater, such as:
- Oily water separation plants
- Industrial wastewater treatment plants
- Civil wastewater treatment plants
- Chemical dosing packages
- Filtration and softening plants

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