Seawater reverse osmosis fed by solar energy

The problem: potable water scarcity in several parts of the world

The situation is critical, in several areas there is no availability or scarcity of potable water and the lack of potable water deprives the population of an essential commodity for life, impeding the economic development of the interested areas
The main needing are:

  • - potable water availability,
  • - sweet water for irrigation,
  • - technical water for the development of industrial activities.
The final solution for sweet and potable water: the seawater reverse osmosis fed by solar energy.

What’s the reverse osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is a desalination plant for the production of high quality potable water starting  from seawater based on membrane process. All of this involves various advantages:
  • - constant availability of sweet and potable water,
  • - low management cost,
  • - low maintenance,
  • - low cost of potable water,
  • - tested and proven technology,
  • - low foot prints required for installation.
Constant availability
Sea is available in unlimited quantity; our units are designed to produce potable water in any range of seawater salinity (from North Sea to Persian Gulf). The production capacity can be designed from 50 to 5000 m3day of potable water 
In many parts of the world there is large availability of solar energy. Solar energy is renewable and unlimited; a stand-alone production unit does not require huge investments for production and distribution network from a non-renewable source

Proposed solution

B&P Water Technologies is able to propose packaged seawater desalination units fed by solar energy. The packages can produce up to 5.000.000 of liters of potable water per day. Desalination unit is easily replicable in different areas, or revamped in case of increased water demand, with limited investments so the cost per cubic meter of potable water is lower than 0,80 usd. 
The water production from solar energy has been already encouraged to create work and business opportunities and economy development in Tunisia and Morocco. Several large scale projects are going to be financed by private investment funds, and will contribute to the growth of depressed areas. 
The potable water produced from the sea with solar energy will allow the creation of fish factories and, through the irrigation of fields, the development of the agricolture in desertic areas, with a quick return of investment.

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