Reverse osmosis for brackish water purification

Reverse osmosis is the most widespread and economical purification technique for brackish or seawater. In order to apply this process, B&P Water Technologies produces automated plants, specially designed, able to remove all unwanted substances quickly and effectively. To choose the most suitable type of plant for the purification of brackish water, it is important to make some evaluations first. Mainly, it is necessary to check: the origin of the water (river, well, sea..); the chemical analysis of the water; the quantity of water to be treated and its subsequent use. The brackish water purification plants with reverse osmosis that we build are intended for businesses that need to produce:

  • drinking water
  • ultrapure water
  • demineralised water
  • irrigation water
  • industrial water

What's more, desalination systems provide for the recovery of wastewater from conventional or membrane purification.

Brackish water desalination plants with reverse osmosis: our proposal

Our reverse osmosis plants mainly consist of:

  • a filtration section
  • an ultraviolet debacterisation section
  • an osmosis section.

Our "package" solutions provide immediate use of the machine and are intended for purification plants with a maximum salinity of 10000 ppm for a maximum water production rate of up to 5000 m3 per day. In addition, our plants are designed to ensure that waste is reduced to a minimum in order to optimise the entire production process. We use the best materials for the construction of reverse osmosis plants for brackish water to ensure maximum machine performance over time.

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