Marine desalination systems: the solutions by B&P Water Technologies

We design and manufacture packaged reverse osmosis marine desalination systems. Our systems are delivered fully assembled and shipped in residential or transport containers, ready for immediate use. Our many years of experience in water treatment and our certifications allow us to study and propose solutions, to specific customer requests, that guarantee the best performance.

Our marine desalination systems are designed for use in particular areas or situations where freshwater production is essential.

Their main function is to purify seawater through reverse osmosis, a particularly economical and useful method of water recovery.


B&P Water Technologies marine desalination systems: the advantages

The marine desalination systems we offer use the latest generation of automated technologies, which are easy to use, optimise productivity and minimise waste.
All that is needed to start up the desalination plant is the connection to the water inlet and outlet manifolds. Our automated desalination systems also minimise operator intervention during operation.


Marine desalination systems are designed to treat water with a salinity of up to 55000 ppm, for a maximum flow rate of 5000 cubic metres of water per day. Subsequently, the water can be made drinkable by adding a special drinking water section. This type of plant is made from high-quality materials that guarantee optimum performance over time. For example, the high-pressure pipes are made of stainless steel, while the low-pressure pipes are made of non-toxic PVC.

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