New desalination package on an offshore accommodation barge off the Gabon coast


B&P Water Techologies installed a new desalination package on an offshore accommodation barge off the Gabon coast. This barge is part of the navy of TOTAL E&P Gabon.
This new plant, installed in a offshore container ( 20ft certified EN 12079 - DNV 2.71) allows to produce potable water by taking it directly from the sea.

The container has been customized to ease the access to the plant. The customer requested the containerized installation to place the plant outdoor, on the deck, to optimize the space available on board. The container is air conditioned, to withstand the severe environmental conditions of the barge.
The supplied seawater desalination plant will produce the potable and technical water for the barge.
The desalination plant is equipped with:
  • - Feed pump,
  • - Multistage pre-treatment of seawater,
  • - Low pressure reverse osmosis membranes, 
  • - Automatic flushing and cleaning system, 
  • - Permeate remineralization.
The desalination package is completely automatic and controlled by a PLC.

The supplied PLC and HMI interface offer the following advantages:
  • - complete automation of the plant without the necessity of an operator
  • - possibility to verify in real time, on the HMI interface, the operating conditions, the predictive maintenance, the trends (water production, faults, upsets, alarms, operating hours, pressure drops, water conductivity and salinity, chemical filling) optimizing the plant management.


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