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Here at B&P Water Technologies we manufacture the very best brackish reverse osmosis packages. These products are designed to treat well waters and ground waters for the benefit of our clients. All of our brackish water desalination units are skid-mounted in standard configurations. Desalination units can be assembled inside shipping containers, this can be quoted to you as an optional extra.

Due to the high flexibility and modularity of our brackish water desalination plants, it's possible to remove any unwanted components from the water.

In addition to this:

  • the water solidity can be reduced in order to achieve industrial water grades (this can be for boilers or cooling tower applications);
  • it's possible to make the water portable or make it suitable for irrigation purposes;
  • CEDI units can also be supplied on request to produce high quality demineralised water.

We not only set high quality water targets but also focus our attention on the design of each brackish water reserve osmosis desalination packages. This guarantees the minimum quantity of water sent to discharge while for production rates, the plant performance is optimised.

Why not take a look at our online gallery to see well-manufactured and designed brackish water desalination plants?

B&P Water Technologies can also supply any business with additional systems for:
  • iron and manganese removal
  • storage tanks and pumping stations
  • softening
  • pH conditioning

brackish desalination manufacturer

The systems above can be supplied together with a brackish water desalination plant on request or what's needed to achieve a performance target. Our extensive experience in water treatment manufacturing allows us to identify the right solutions for your business. Choose our Company as your brackish water desalination manufacturer!

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