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B&P Technologies manufactures a wide range of skid mounted and containerised reverse osmosis (ro) desalination plants that are simple to use and to maintain, and are significantly cheaper and more efficient than the traditional thermal process plants used for desalination over the last 50 or so years.

Desalination of sea water
is not a new idea and was known about by Aristotele and the ancient Greeks. They knew that by evaporating the salty water it would once again become sweet and safe to drink. What they were describing was essentially the thermal process for distilling seawater and this has been used extensively in the last 50 years or so to bring drinking water to many places where it would previously have been impossible or prohibitively expensive.

But recently a new method has started to push to the fore and this uses reverse osmosis technology to effectively strain the salt out of the water using a semi porous membrane.
As this technology has improved it has started to outstrip thermal techniques in terms of cost and efficiency and now 60% of the world's desalination plants use reverse osmosis and this ratio will continue to rise.

B&P Technologies are a leading seawater desalination plants manufacturer and they produce containerised and skid mounted units. These are simple to operate and can desalinate water with sanility up to 55,000 ppm. What they do is build up a pressure on the saltwater side of the membrane which pushes the water through but leaves the salt behind. The pressure on the salty side is up to between 50 and 60 bars.

These units are very easy to clean and maintain and one containerised system can produce up to 1,5 million litres of clean drinking water a day.

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