Water desalination equipment made in Italy by professional manufacturer

As reliable water treatment manufacturer specialists, we excel in designing and supplying a wide range of water treatment and potibilization plants.
We specialise in water plants that are fully pre-assembled and always tested to guarantee a professional job. Our experience with EPC contracting companies provide us with the capabilities and dedication to satisfy the requirements of end users including international engineering firms. All of our plants are customised to help our experienced personnel to achieve the best solutions possible if your business has any kind of water problems.

We are highly regarded as a manufacturer of water desalination equipment by companies worldwide. Why not check out our products and solutions so you can see exactly what we offer?

These include:

  • sea water desalination, we manufacture a comprehensive range of skid mounted or containerised reverse osmosis desalination plants,
  •  industrial water treatment, chemical physical wastewater treatment units are designed to treat residual water containing compounds such as non-biodegradable, organic substances, solvents and detergents,
  • brackish water desalination, our brackish reverse osmosis packages are specifically designed to treat well and ground waters,
  • packaged sewage treatment, packaged MBR (membrane bioreactor), MBBR (Moving Bed Bioreactor) and activated sludge plants are ideal for sewage wastewater treatment,
  • vacuum sewage systems, look at our vacuum sewage systems which can tackle black waters and bilge waters
  • filtration and softening, as a company we use the latest technology and supply the best solutions for industrial and civil water softening,
  • chemical dosing packages, we design and manufacture chemical injection dosing packages for the purpose of petrochemical applications and water treatment
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