Desalination of Salt Water

B & P Water Technologies is an engineering company specializing in supplying of marine water makers, with a flow rate of 5000 cubic meters / day, for the production of drinking water or industrial water, starting from seawater. Our marine desalination plants are designed and built on order, based on specific customer needs, checked and tested in our workshop before shipping.

Our marine desalinators are equipped with high-efficiency energy recovery systems, for reducing the electrical consumption of the system (which represents up to 70% of the operating cost of a watermaker) and are designed to ensure the production of drinking water from a salinity of seawater ranging from 36000 ppm (Mediterranean sea) to 50000 ppm (Persian Gulf).
Our marine water makers can be supplied in the standard configuration on chassis, or on living and transport containers, for mobile installations or in harsh environments (outdoors in areas subjected to high temperatures, aggressive environments, or as emergency plants areas affected by natural disasters). For aquifers where there are sea water infiltrations, B & P Water Technologies is able to offer the customer an even wider range of desalination plants for brackish water.

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Seawater desalination

Our company is also specialized in designing and supplying a wide range of plants for the treatment of primary water and wastewater, such as:
- Oily water treatment and separation plants
- Industrial wastewater treatment plants
- Civil wastewater treatment plants
- Chemical dosing packages
- Filtration and softening plants

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