Brackish water desalination units (Reverse Osmosis)

Our brackish reverse osmosis packages are designed to treat well waters and ground waters having a maximum salinity of 10000 ppm up to 6000m3/day of product water and to satisfy any specific requirement of the end user/customer regarding the required quality of produced water.

All our brackish water desalination units are skid mounted, in the standard configuration, Containerized brackish water desalination units, assembled inside a shipping containers, can be quoted as optional.

Thanks to high flexibility and modularity of our brackish water desalination reverse osmosis packages, it is possible to remove undesired components from water, reduce the water salinity to achieve industrial water grade (for boiler or cooling tower application, as example), make the water potable or make it suitable for irrigation purpose.

Our brackish water desalination reverse osmosis packages can be also used as CEDI pre-treatment (Continuous Electrodeionization) to produce ultrapure water.

CEDI unit can be supplied on request to produce high quality demineralized water.

As well as water quality target, we focus the design of each brackish water reverse osmosis desalination package to guarantee the minimum quantity of water sent to discharge and therefore optimize the plant performance in terms of production rate.

Each brackish reverse osmosis desalination plant is fabricated with high compact design and with first priority on client's specific requirement.

The high automation level of each plant allows to minimize the enduser's operation during the normal service time, while the selection of materials and components is done to maximize the plant lifetime.

The brackish water desalination reverse osmosis plants, in the base figure, are composed by a filtration section (filtration degree and type are selected based on each single feed water analysis), a disinfection system comprising a Ultra Violet sterilizer and a reverse osmosis section. Additional systems for iron and manganese removal, softening, pH conditioning, storage tanks and pumping stations, can be supplied together with the plant whenever required by the client or necessary to achieve the performance target.

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