Features of the mobile water purification system manufactured by our company

Being equipped with all the standard features (5 micron cartridge filters, high rejection membranes, high pressure duplex stainless steel pump), our mobile water purification units can be adapted to specific needs with a set of options, such as:

  • - chemical conditioning systems;
  • - UF pre-treatment;
  • - energy recovery with pressure exchangers;
  • - configuration for hazardous areas.
  • - Solar power system.
mobile water purification system

Key Features

With a drinking water capacity of 2000 liter per hour, our mobile water purification systems represent the best solution for your water treatment needs. Equipped with seawater or brackish water reverse osmosis membranes, the default configuration of the products involves:
  • FRP pressure vessel for membranes with Victaulic coupling;
  • high quality soundproof diesel generator;
  • PLC with HMI and conductivity meter to easily control the system and the water quality;
  • trailer with manual hand brake.

B&P Water Technologies has a thorough knowledge about mobile water purification system: our products will certainly be useful for those who need a reliable system to drastically reduce the level of dissolved salts in water. In particular, isolated hotels (not connected to the drainage system), small municipalities and communities and areas close to a desert will take advantage of them.

Thanks to the application of the most recent techniques in the field of mobile water purification system and to the expertise of B&P Water Technologies, desalination is always possible. And as desalination plants are well known for their high energy demand, it surely worth mentioning that in both our large and small plants the most modern systems for energy recovery can be mounted in order to save money and energy.

trailer mounted purification system

Obtaining drinkable water from the sea easily and in a sustainable way: this is what the mobile water purification system by B&P Water Technologies can give you at a reasonable cost.

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