Seawater desalination plants, conteinerised and tested

B&P Water Technologies manufactures a comprehensive range of skid mounted or containerised reverse osmosis desalination plants.

The seawater containerised desalination reverse osmosis systems are built inside of metal shipping containers. Both the skid mounted and containerised seawater desalination units and are assembled and fully tested at our facility before being delivered with no need for on-site system assembly, pipe work, electrical wiring or mounting of components.

In case of seawater containerised desalination units, the container also serves as the shipping container so there is no need for wood crating or rental of sea containers in which to transport the system to its destination. Our containers are designed for indoor or outdoor permanent or mobile installations.

The complete sea water reverse osmosis system includes filtration, pumping equipment, membranes, electrical controls, and chemical feed and control components.

As energy consumption is a big issue in managing a desalination plant, all our reverse osmosis plants can be equipped with the latest energy recovery systems.

Our seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants are designed to produce drinking water (salt content less than 500 ppm) from a seawater feeding with salinity up to 55000 ppm and capacity up to 5000 m3/day.

The end user shall only connect seawater feeding header, product water outlet header and brine outlet.

The plant is fully automatic to ease the operation of the end user. 

All the materials are selected to guarantee the longest lifetime of the package and to minimize the routine maintenance; as an example, the seawater pipes under high pressure are manufactured in Duplex stainless steel, while those under low pressure are made in atoxic PVC.

Each reverse osmosis plant is equipped with CPI (Clean In Place) system for periodical membrane cleaning, with dosing systems for acid and antiscale injection in sea water stream and neutralizing agent (NaOH or other) in permeate.

Injection of disinfecting agent (such as Sodium Hypochlorite) and chlorine excess removal are no more necessary since disinfection is achieved by means of UV sterilizer manufactured in material suitable for sea water application (Polypropylene or Duplex SS).

Sea water filtration is two steps wise; sand filtration followed by micrometric filtration guarantee absence of solid particles leading to membranes lifetime shortening.

Our flexibility allows us to "customize" our standard products to fit any particular request from our clients in terms of accessories, components and quality of produced water.

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