Desalination plant for agriculture

The desalination plants, designed and manufactured by B&P Water Technologies, offer the ideal solution to provide fresh water in all countries where water production is especially indispensable for agricultural development.

The salination plant for agriculture therefore has the function of purifying seawater and brackish water for the production of:

  • water for irrigation
  • drinking water
  • demineralised water
  • industrial water
  • ultra-pure water


Desalination plant for agriculture: the benefits

It is an ideal plant for installation in harsh weather conditions and offers numerous benefits Among these:

  • it optimises production and reduces wastewater to a minimum
  • automated plant that minimises operator intervention during its operation
  • manufactured in high quality materials that guarantee resistance and duration over time
  • each desalination plant for agriculture is designed according to client specifications and undergoes rigorous checks and testing before delivery
  • it is a compact and modular system, which is delivered as a “package”, i.e. assembled and dispatched in residential or transport containers (on request, it can be assembled on a standard frame)
  • to start the plant, simply connect the inlet and outlet manifolds of the water

For further information on configuration of a desalination plant for agriculture, you can contact us here . Our engineers are available to offer you the best solution for your specific needs.

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