Chemical dosing packages supplier

B&P Water Technologies designs and manufactures chemical injection dosing packages for petrochemical applications and water treatment purposes (boiler conditioning, process waters, waste waters).

All our chemical injection dosing packages are completely assembled and wired on a painted carbon steel or stainless steel frame, complete with drip pan. The packages,  engineered on CAD software, are totally customized to fit customer's requirements and to ensure the maximum efficiency in dosing the chemical required by the process for the specific application.

Tank material selection is performed to ensure the correct chemical resistance for the stored chemical.

The instrumentation (pressure gauges, level gauges, level transmitters, level switches) is designed and selected in accordance to the customer vendor list, as well as piping material (valves, fittings, pipes).

When specifically required by the customer, we can supply chemical injection packages suitable for installation in hazardous areas.

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