Vacuum sewer systems for black waters and bilge waters


A vacuum sewer system uses the differential pressure between atmospheric pressure and a partial vacuum maintained in the piping network and vacuum station collection vessel.

This differential pressure allows a central vacuum station to collect the wastewater of several thousand individual homes, depending on terrain and the local situation. Vacuum sewers take advantage of available natural slope in the terrain and are most economical in flat sandy soils with high ground water. B&PWater Technologies developed its own technology for the suction and transfer of wastewaters. Compared with the traditional gravity systems, these units offer the following advantages:

- construction cost saving (small trenches);

- small pipes diameters;

- booster pumps stations no longer required;

- no sediments and clogging in the pipeline;

- no leakages and smells, as the line is kept under vacuum;

- low energy consumption;

The system is composed by: collection pits with vacuum valve, vacuum pipeline and vacuum station. B&P Water Technologies is able to make the engineering and the supply for the complete system (pipeline and vacuum pits design up to the vacuum station). Our company has supplied its vacuum systems to the major marinas in Italy and abroad, for the suction of bilge and black waters.

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