Careenage water treatment plants

B&P Water Technologies srl presents the new "state of the art" chemical-physical plants for the treatment of the careenage and bilge waters. These plants are optimised to guarantee the quality of the effluent in accordance with the strictest regulations in force in EU.

Our chemical-physical plants for the careenage, installed in several Marinas, allowed the effluent discharge directly into the sea in accordance with the strict Italian law 152/99 and European Directive 91/271/EEC.

The waters used for the washing of the boats are characterized by a highconcentration of COD and dissolved metals contained in antifoulingpaints applied to the hulls. The waters extracted from the bilgescontain a high concentration of free hydrocarbons and oil. Thesecompounds have an extremely negative impact on the marine environment and shall be removed prior to the effluent discharge into the sea.

Our chemical-physical plants for the careenage are based on a chemical physical treatment optimised for the treatment of the careenage waters. Chemicals used on our plants guarantee the best results both in terms of pollutants removal and products consumption.
Our chemical-physical plants for the careenage are supplied as a single compact unit, skid mounted,manufactured in steel painted with paintings resistant to most severe marine environmental conditions.

The clarified water, being free from pollutants, can be discharged into the sea or re-used for technical scopes.

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