Chemical Injection Package for Water Treatments and Chemical Applications

Suited to a variety of petrochemical uses and water treatments.
Chemical injection packages
are available to suit applications within the petrochemical industry and for treating water when needed for boiler conditioning, waste waters and process waters. All of the available chemical injection packages are supplied pre-assembled and mounted onto a steel frame with drip pan. 

Every chemical injection dosing package supplied is designed and engineered so it fully complies with customer specifications and is unique to the relevant application. You can view a selection of chemical injection packages online in the B & P photo gallery to check the high quality and appearance of all units.

B & P Water Technologies have the skills and expertise to supply chemical injection dosing packages suited for use within hazardous areas, and will utilize the

  • - fittings,
  • - pumps;
  • - control cabinets;
  • - pipes,
  • - gauges
  • - and valves
specified by each customer to ensure units comply with needs.

All tank material is selected according to chemicals that will be stored inside and all instrumentation will be designed to suit. 
B & P Water Technologies design, engineer and manufacture custom chemical injection dosing packages to suit a variety of needs and all units are assembled and tested before shipment to customers. 

Where solutions are needed to meet the requirements of the modern workplace and employer, the specialist design and engineering abilities of B & P Water Technologies ensure that the supplied packages solve the problems and are engineered to the highest technical levels. 

Contact the Sales Department at B & P Water Technologies to discuss your chemical injection dosing package requirements in greater detail and learn more about the benefits of ordering water treatment plant from Italy.  

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