Chemical injection skid manufacturer for wastewater treatments

We produce chemical injection skids that are used in several water treatment systems in operation around the world. These systems deliver critical agents to assist in various stages of water treatment processes.

We are a chemical injection skid manufacturer that takes great pride in producing high-performance, durable equipment that makes water safe. Our state-of-the-art systems are used in both petrochemical applications and water treatment operations by some of the world's most successful companies.

How does chemical injection work?

Our chemical injection skids continually monitor pumping rates, dilution water flow rates and the strength of the chemical being used. Online systems are used to display this information and make crucial adjustments to the injection processes.

Advanced technology

We design and build chemical injection systems to the very highest industry standards. They are assembled on hard-wearing stainless steel or carbon steel frames, and come with their own drip pan.

All of our injection equipment is precision-engineered to ensure maximum quality, efficiency and reliability. 

We carefully select the best possible materials to create storage tanks for a range of different chemicals used in water filtration and petrochemical processing. This ensures that the equipment doesn't erode prematurely.

Benefits of Chemical Injection Systems in skids

Skids, compared to non-modular units, offer many benefits to the customer:
- the price is lower;
- compact footprint;
- more customization possibilities, thanks to the modular construction;
- the installation process is usually quickier;
- they can operate in potentially hazardous areas and harsh environments.

Bespoke systems for a range of different applications

At B&P Water Technologies, we always strive to create top quality chemical injection skids that are tailored to the specific job at hand. According to the needs of the client, we will select the appropriate instrumentation and piping material during the planning stages, ensuring optimal performance in a wide range of operating conditions.


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