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B&P Water Technologies is an italian company with a long experience in reverse osmosis desalination plants manufacturing, both skid mounted and containerised.
Containerised plants are fully assembled inside metal shipping containers, removing the need for on-site system assembly and making them easy to transport. These fully automatic plants will turn seawater into drinking water with an extremely low salt content and can also treat brackish water from well waters and ground waters.

B&P Water Technologies are experts in industrial softeners and water filtration and supply customised solutions for both civil and industrial engineering.
These include

  • chemical injection dosing packages, which can also be used in petrochemical applications;
  • chemical-physical plants to treat residual water;
  • and oily water treatments that separate oils and fats using corrugated plate interception separation.
All are fully customisable to fit customers’ requirements and ensure maximum efficiency. We pledge to make the design and costruction phases as quick as possibile, always taking into account the environment where they will be used. Indeed, many of products offered can also be adapted for the use in arid and hazardous areas.

As a desalination plants manufacturer, we supply the best equipment to obtain fresh water for drinking purposes, especially when climate change made unreliable the sources that were previously reliable. These environmentaly friendly RO systems are the best solution when large volumes of water are required. 

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