Highly automatic Seawater packaged desalination systems

We offer a range of seawater packaged desalination systems that are ideal for use on ships and offshore platforms. They are fully automated and can be used both indoor, outdoor and at mobile sites making them incredibly durable and robust.

These systems are designed to produce drinking water (salt content less than 500 ppm) from a seawater feeding with salinity up to 55000 ppm and capacity up to 5000 m3/day.

Standard features include a heavy duty steel frame with high pressure pumps, chemical cleaning system and high rejection seawater membranes.

There is also a range of additional options available including

  • energy recovery with pressure exchanges,
  • configuration for hazardous areas
  • and a customised skid according to the space available at the installation.
Hassle free they are fully automated and make seawater filtration easy with a low maintenance cleaning routine. Each reverse osmosis plant is equipped with CPI (Clean In Place) system for periodical membrane cleaning, with dosing systems for acid and anti-scale injection in sea water stream and neutralising agent (NaOH or other) in permeate.

Systems are made with durability and practical use in mind, that's why they are built with materials such as tough Duplex Stainless Steel for high pressure units and special atoxic PVC for lower pressure.

packaged desalination system

So whether you're looking for a seawater desalination systems for your ship, tanker or offshore platform, be sure to look at our website for additional information www.bpwatertech.com

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