Skid mounted ro plant to produce drinking water

B&P Water Technologies delivers a wide range of products and services for the treatment of water, including desalination (using a variety of different procedures) and water softening and purification.

Products can also be customised to suit the user's needs (for instance, a skid mounted ro plant can be equipped with a state of the art energy recovery system to minimise energy loss when the plant is in use).
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From a skid mounted ro plant for desalination to seawater packaged desalination systems and brackish water reverse osmosis plants, B&P Water Technologies has plenty of desalination options. All of these options can, as mentioned above, be customised to suit the client's needs. The brackish water desalination systems, for instance, are all skid mounted, and can also be paired with a Continuous Electrodeionization (CEDI) Unit to give the resultant water an ultrapure grade quality.
Additional customisations - for instance, the addition of systems to adjust the water pH and to remove iron and manganese - are also available.

ro plant, skid mounted

Treating waste and oil water
B&P Water Technologies has developed some high class solutions for cleansing waste water and for separating oil and fats from water (to remove oil from oil water). The oily water treatment equipment, for instance, uses a skimming system of corrugated plates to force oils and fats to float upwards and then to skim them off the water.
Water filtration and softening is another option here: whether you want to opt for water purification using traditional cartridge filters or whether you want to use industrial strength softeners on a large amount of water, we have the perfect solution for you.

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